Friday, April 18, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival : My First Lolita Item

I remember I was in the 9th grade with my friend Kirsten. We were both rather artsy (ahem..goth) and into J-rock bands like Malice Mizer. One day she brought one of the GLBs to school, I was fascinated with it, I had never seen clothes like that before. Lolita clothing was much more unattainable then , as none of the
brands, except Metamorphose shipped over sees. On a trip to San Francisco, at a Kinokuniya Bookstore, I discovered they had them, I was so excited I picked up two issues! They came with posters which I of course had to hang on my walls. I used to draw designs of the dresses I saw in my sketch book, it definitely had a big impact on me. Even now, I’ve found I’m more drawn to old school designs.  Two years or so later, I bought my first dress from Metamorphoses. The posters are down now, replaced by “grown up” framed art. The magazines are worn now, with pages falling out, seldom flipped through. But whenever I come across them I get filled with warm nostalgic feelings. ~~*```

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