Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The poof comb is a scam! Review

Ok I've been wanting to write my poof comb review for a while. Its just unfortunate that I have no poofcomb to write about! In November I ordered  the poof comb. It could be ordered online or by phone. I bought it online since I don't like giving credit card numbers over the phone.
To clarify it is this product:

(Note to self dont ever buy as seen on tv products ever again, I just can't believe I was suckered into it)
It said It would take up to 14 days to be sent to me. 14 days went by still no comb, so I used the "check my order status on the site." It said my order was received and it would take 14 days. I thought ok maybe they just have to many orders, its understandable.
More days went by...

Then when I used the track my order status all I got was the 401 "this page does not exist" This really worried me.  I could no longer track my order. But still, I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
Then the site magically worked again, but instead to 14 days it said something on the lines of "we are sorry we have had such a large volume of orders, that you are on back order. We are sorry any inconvenience."
Well this irked me but I will be patient.(since over a month had passed already)

Then something quite worrisome. The card company sent me a paper saying that my credit card was compromised and I needed a new number. Ironically, a few days later I received a letter from poof comb, saying they would send my order.
Hmmm strange isn't it?
Then a few days later, I received another letter hounding me for money....though I had already paid online for it! Said they wouldn't send it to me until I payed -_-
I still get letters from them!

Another reason I think it is a scam is that to this date, I haven't heard of any one receiving their poof comb, or seen/read any reviews. I highly doubt that even if I had paid them again, I would have the product.
So yes I would say the poof comb is a scam do not buy the poof comb!!!!

Also if poofcomb company reads this, explains why this happened, they can send me what I bought or contact me at and I will do a proper review and forgive then. But until then, yes is a scam do not buy it! Unless of course you like to order things you never recieve.

And one more thing, they say its 10 dollars. +shipping. Its not, they also charge like a 7 dollar processing fee. They also try to sucker you in to getting the "deluxe comb". I didn't even get the "extra" comb set and my 10 dollar product cost over 20! Had I gotten the extra comb it would have been almost 40! and if I had gotten the deluxe comb even more expensive!

UPDATE it seems that poof comb is astroturfing online. Under someone named steve/steph H
who uses poor grammar. These are screencaps from my computer so that poof comb will not delete their puppet answers. They will get big if you click on them. I actually posted on yahoo is the poof comb a scam, ironically it was "flagged" though it did not break any of the rules. This means I cant show it since I did not think at the time to screen cap it :(
I also found it odd that Steph henry asks where to get the product, orders it from the website but later says she called them?

from pissed off
Feel free to comment below with your own expierences


  1. I always wait until the item shows up at my local pharmacies in their "as seen on TV" section of the store. That way I don't have to pay for shipping and I get the item immediately.

  2. @Anonymous

    Yeah, I do that too, but I was to impatient XD

  3. It's best to wait until the stuff is in the drug stores. Hang in there. I hope you got your combs. The "shipping and handling" is a completely separate business. It's TERRIBLE what they charge for shipping....

  4. Yeah, that looks scammsh. For sure the steph h asking about how to find the site is dodgy. Actually the whole thing looks dodgy. How annoying.

  5. Er, what is the poof comb supposed to do anyway? Poof your hair? De-poof it? @_@

  6. @TheRenegadeRainbow

    lol it gives you volume. Like for updoes/60s hair/"scene" hair. Supposed to give a teased look without the time and damage.

  7. The same thing happened to me...I knew I ordered it but it never came. I am sooooo busy I began questioning myself as to if I really ordered it or if I intended to and didn't. Now I realize, I certainly did order it and this must be a scam.

  8. a screenshot of my question to yahoo answer :O!

    I'm glad I never paid them my money to not receive it, I woulda been pissed

  9. I wanted this product as soon as I saw it but just kept putting off ordering on line. But for months I have looked in all the stores that have the products from TV. I have never seen this it does seem fishy! I really wanted this product! Even when I got cancer this year and lost my long hair to cancer I thought I would just use it for my wigs! If anyone finds this product anywhere and it truly is on the level... let me know at


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