Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Forecasting Fawn Fur

Hello everyone! Been awhile since I posted. Since my last fashion forecast was a moderate success, my next one is....Fawn Fur. I really love fawn fur. Sometimes other furs like zebra, or wild cat prints can be seen as a little old fashioned or tacky. Fawn fur on the other hand, gives a soft impression. Like the type of fur a girl in a story book would wear. Best of all to animal lovers, pretty much all fawn fur in fashion is synthetic.
Besides just fur, fawn as well as deer everything is gaining popularity in street fashions. Even down to antler like hair!

I think we may start seeing it in the mainstream over time. In fact I'm surprised its not popular already, because just look at how cute these little Bambi like fawns are!

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