Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bunny in a Cup!

OMG! Everyone needs a page of cuteness in their day, so here are some pictures and a video of bunnies in cups! :3.

yeah I know, technically drinking from a cup but still cute!

My Favorite!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Antique Photo Maker and Poladroid

In my last post I was looking through my photos and thought it would be cool if they had "vintage feel".  So I looked into some photomaker/enhancers. The first I used was Poladroid, at first I was a little afraid to use it(I never like to download free ware) but it is safe, albeit a little foreign but their misspellings can be funny.
The program is really cute. A little Polaroid camera pops up. Some may not like this, but you do have to wait
for the photos to "Develop". I thought this added to the fun of it, but to those who are impatient it may not like it.To add to the authenticity of the experience, you never know how each photo will come out, Just like a real Polaroid!Sometimes they are light, sometimes dark, green cast, blue cast, brown cast, ext. I like this, but I wish that perhaps you could control which one you would get(but I suppose that would take away from the "fun" of its spontaneity.)
Here's a picture of it on my desktop:
I like this its like a 70's model Polaroid

 Another I really like is the Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator. It makes your photos look "100 years old" Whats nice about this one is that you don't have to download anything.
Why it make my lips so scary big?

I have the snooty look in this one lol

The best thing about these 2 sites is that they are FREE!:D
I really wish I could get a polaroid camera, but since they stopped making the film it is riculously expensive for a pack of 10 100$:( I guess Poladroid is a good alternative, I bet they would make alot of money if they allowed users the options to print them out.

Simplicity Pattern 3673 Review

This is probably one of my most favorite patterns of all time...It's so fabulous...
I forgot, I did not do the hem by machine because the fabric was heavy, I carefully hand stitched so it wouldn't be lumping, or have big lines. I also noticed that if I used the steam iron on to high a setting, the fabric would discolor a little and the seam would make an impression onto the outside of the garment. So I would use a lower heat if you use the same fabric as me.
Pattern Description:
1950's reproduction pattern, lots of darts, fitted, long, empire waisted
Pattern Sizing:
size 8
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
yes, but could be vague at times.Also I believe it did not say to under stitch the lining but it is very important you do so, especially if using a thick fabric like I did.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I loved this pattern! It was so awesome and fitted. Not to retro that its costume, I always get tons of compliments when I wear it.
Fabric Used:
Faux Suede, and I didn't have any problems with it what so ever.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I would sew it again, 100 times again! Its awesome! I don't recommend it for beginners because there is lining and lots of darts.
Awesome pattern, but some construction details might be difficult for those just starting out.
Now for the fun part! Pictures!

Bow before my beautiful darts Muahaha! Joking aside this has probably been the best I've done with darts ever.

the back, different color because of flash
I look stupid faced in this one, but in case you wanted to see it from the side(or my shoes lol)

Bye! Until next time!

How to Clean Your Sewing Room

My sewing room was getting seriously out of hand. A horrible mess. Stuff everywhere I had no room to sew.

Any way I got to work. I wanted it to be clean and organized, I got a new bin for my patterns. As I thought about it I made a list of all the things a sewing room should have to be neat. First put all your stuff that is unaccounted in a big pile, clean out your drawers. There may be something better suited for it. I organize mine as follows.

  • Long table for rotary mat and sewing machine. This is important you never want you sewing table crowded.
  • Big bin for woolen/boucle fabrics
  • Skinny bin for scraps/cottons/linens
  • Little bin for interfacings and linings
  • Big chest. One drawer for jersey/knits, one for sewing/art books, one for my paper art supplies watercolor, sketchbooks ext.
  • Little tiny compartment thing with sections for buttons, zippers, scissors thread ext.
  • Other compartment for art things.
  • Little chest, all for patterns. One drawer for vintage, one for modern. The other drawer is VERY important. I put projects int their that I don't feel like working on. This helps cut down on clutter, and makes sure you don't lose garment pieces or patterns.
  • I keep my ironing board behind the chest, it is quite space effective.


Here is my room all clean. Probably won't stay that way for long XD! Also vacuum when your done, to get all those little loose threads that have been left behind. And refolding pieces of material really helps, even though its a total pain in the but you will find you have way more space than you did before.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golden Age of Couture Show

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Frist Experience. I got to go in a group with the all famous Gertie of . She is pretty much what all blogger aspire to be, lots of comments, a book deal ext. It was really cool meeting her, I didn't really talk to her at all(she did like my dress though!). While she is pretty on her blog, she is absolutely beautiful in person, she seriously needs to get a new camera her pictures don't do her justice.
People even took pictures of us, the only one I could find I stole from her blog.(sorry Gertie). I always end up getting smooshed into the back of pictures. I'm the tallest blonde girl on the left.
It was a really cool exhibit, it was the only stop in America for the show. We had our own personalized tour, which was nice. The only thing not so nice is a whole girls school trip went and it was super crowded. Also some people leeched onto our tour, that were not supposed to be there. This reallly annoyed me. Now pictures were allowed of the exhibits, but the odd thing is there was no book to buy with the garments. There was a book but not alot of pictures were in it, so I didn't get it.

This was one of the dresses they talked about. Basically the beading was done like this so that across the room the neckline would look scandalously low. They also talked alot about the whole Britain v Paris war. Basically the construction, was meticulous on the British side and they utilized fabric well, but the Parisians could use as much fabric as they wanted so there dresses were prettier.
Here were too contrasting examples from the show:

Though the black dress looks simple, it really isn't. All the pieces of dress when spread out look like a flower. It has just a hint of bling on the shoulders. The cream dress is simple, but months were put in to do all the hand beaded embroidery. A single strip of plain fabric was added to the neckline, to give the eyes a break from all the beadwork. 
The Frist museum itself is also really cool. I've seen other exhibits there before, but never new the history behind the museum. The interior is all art deco(as mandated by the government oddly enough), it would be an awesome place for a 1920's photoshoot!
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