Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Forecasting

One of my few talents is that I have a knack for fashion forecasting. I predicted Rompers, and Highwaisted jeans as fads and do you know what the next one is going to be? Lederhose/suspender style skirts like the girl on the bottom left.
Im sensing embroidery too.  That and I REALLY want this pattern, it's just to cute for words. It doesn't look very complicated maybe I'll make one myself from scratch. ^_^ Oh and I'm SUUPPEERR exited about sunday, I get to go to the Frist Golden Age of Couture exhibit. Apparently it's only going to be in Nashville, no well else in the country to lots of people are coming. One person in particular is Gertie, a famous sewing blogger, my friend emailed her cause they're getting a group together and I get to tag along!!! So Happyy!
Heres a link to the exhibit
and if you dig around theres a free vintage dress pattern!
Oh wait you don't have to! Here it is!
This is the dress

I think might make it....

OXY 10 My fav

I've been on a roll with the reviews lately, I have a feeling this is going to turn into a skincare blog lol. Well one of my all around favs is Oxy 10. It is 10% benzoyl perioxide, which is the stongest I could find. It works well for spot treatment but it can really some burn people. The only bummer for me is that it doesn't help with the smaller pimples, only when they get big. That and when I was a kid I was always getting in trouble because it can bleach out your towels. You can get it at pretty much every drugstore, and it only costs around 8 dollars. I even think it is a lot better than some prescriptions. It is one of the most commonly used creams. For super severe acne I do not think it would do much.
  • Cheap Price
  • Don't need a precription
  • Works Fast
  • Spot Treatment
  • Drying
  • Not for severe acne
  • Bleaches out towels

Differin Review

Well because my medicine hasn't been working I decided to see if my brothers differin (adapalene)would work for me since it worked wonders for him. His acne wasn't very severe though only on his nose. His was the kind with the green band.
The dermatologist prescribed it to him because she said my Atralin would be to strong for him(it is a retinoid also)Well I have begun to think my dermatologist is a quack  that only wants my money or that she isn't very bright, I know med schools hard but she talks like a bobble head valley girl, perhaps all of her botox has gone to her brain? More than likely she is a greedy miser under the cover of being stupid. Well that Differin is really strong, it really dried me out! Way more that the Atralin did. The only bummer is that it worked good for a little while but then kinda staved off and my breakouts came back again. All and all I think this is a good product though, especially for young middle school age children. Oh and you have to remember not to get it in the creases of your nose.
  • Effective for mild acne
  • worked fast
  • Drying
  • Doesn't always work for ever
  • Also in some cases it can give you some stomach problems, this happened to me oddly enough.

Duac Review

Does it work you may ask? Ehh not really. I don't really see whats so special. It didn't do much for me, didn't even make me dry. I think it did not work much for me because the benzoyl peroxide strength is only 5%, where if you use oxy maximum strength it is about a 10%. It also comes with a face cleanser, the cleanser is weird because you do not have to use water with it. Perhpas this is because I have heard Duac is very drying for some people. I use the face cleanser to clean the oil paint of my brushes sometimes because it's interesting you can see the little beads of oil breaking up from the paint.
  • could potentially work well for some people
  • awesome cleanser.
  • Drying
  • Not very strong.
  • Like everything with benzoyl peroxide you are more photosensitive
here is more "medical info" if you wish to learn more about the pharmacology of it all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ok, since the Atralin wasn't working so well I got to try a whole new product called Aczone (dapsone gel 5.%), joy.

 Basically it is a sketchy anti-infecitve topical cream with the weirdest advertising ever. There website is geared to a "young" audience to the point of being laughable.

WTF?!OMG High school musical is so last year!
(this is totally for real by the way)

And it is tiny, ity bitty, probably because they spent so much on their cheesy advertising they had to skimp on the product. There website used to be really weird, with colors and "coolness" but they have since made it more serious. Anyway it is by far the worst acne product I have ever used. My skin broke out at first, I waited thinking that perhaps all the bacteria was coming out of my skin but no it never healed up. Worse than that it turned my face to an oil slick I was super greasy all the time, powder, blotting did nothing. My skin is so broken out now that I have to go on Accutane again. So in short I hate this product.
Oh and look the FDA has warned them about the misrepresentaton of there product!
It is very expensive and there are no generics as of yet. Even with the voucher it will probably put you back 60 bucks.
  • It makes your skin greasy
  • doesn't work like they say
  • the brand is full of LIES
  • weird advertising
  • If you use it with benzoyl perioxide your skin will get orange/yellow
  • super expensive
  • It is gritty when you put it on.
  • Passes into breast milk, could potentially be harmful
Oh and the scariest part of it all (taken straight from their website)
"ACZONE® Gel is dapsone with Solvent Micro Particulate (SMP™) technology. It's used exclusively in ACZONE® Gel. How ACZONE® Gel works is unclear..."
did you see that?
The people that made it dont know how it works, does it even work at all? No, I say SCAM written all over it. Also in the old "cool website" , which has since been taken down, said something on the lines of Aczone is has this ultra cool micro particle technology which is to complicated to explain here. So in short Aczone says we have no idea how this works teens you don't have the  intelligince to comprehend it so look over here at this "viral video".
Link to more info 

The End -_-

Atralin Review

Ok so I've been on every anti-acne drug in the book (even accutane). But I still have breakouts, and recently they have been getting worse. So before getting on accutane again they give me this stuff called Atralin (tretinoin gel 0.05) which is basically a retinoid like a lot of other creams, which are perscribed commonly.
I haven't seen Atralin around alot, and there are hardley any reviews on it. At first it worked ok, but only on my blackheads, actually alot on my blackheads but not anywhere else on my skin. It wasn't very drying either and many retinoids can be super drying. But, overall it didn't do alot. I don't recomend it as it can be VERY expensive and most insurance plans don't cover it(says my pharmicist at least) and it doesn't do much, perhaps just get it if your only problem is blackheads on your nose. It sort of is a yellowcolor.

  • Not drying.
  • Helps clear blackheads
  • works faster than other retinoids
  • Super Expensive
  • Not great results
  • not covered by all insurance
  • You can get a wicked sunburn
Overall bleh...
Also they do not know if it is harmful to babies or not so be careful if you are pregnant/nursing.
Heres more pharmological info-
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