Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loliable Bathing Suits

One can not really don their lolita frills at the beach or the pool. But what's a girl to do when she wants to keep her frilly aesthetic on her sea faring adventures?
1.) Go Retro! There are a lot of great vintage inspired options out there. The one thing that I dont like about the retro bathing suit trend is the high waisted bottoms. They look like granny pannies, and are rather unflattering.
Instead go with something with a bustier top like this from  sea folly , and pair it with a modern bottom. And for those that want a one-piece, this one from shabby apple is adorable with it's lovely pink accent bow.

2.) Make Your Own! Go on Etsy or wherever you source your patterns, and try to snag one of these beauties McCalls 5906 , or Simplicity 1604. The silhouette is very ballerina like, you'll be the only girl on the beach with it!

3.) Stick with Brand. Both Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose have released bathing suits, but they may be difficult to find! Hopefully they will release new versions this season.

*~So what sort of bathing suit have you gotten for this summer? ^_^

Monday, May 27, 2013

I Will Dance on Your Grave!

So I was looking through some old pictures on my phone and found these photos from last year from an outing . We went to the Cheek Wood botanical gardens which is a really cool place if you ever go to Tennessee. I never posted them to daily lolita over all the rules they broke, but I think they are perfect for this weeks theme on EGL.

Here is my friend, she's a proper and good lolita, she was not even mad at the two gentlemen photo bombing her.
See how good she is? She just air pets the statues so her hands dont get dirty, thats how good she is.

I am very bad! No petticoat D: no Blouse D: no hair done D:

Cheek Wood also has really cool, modern art statues. I thought this one looked like a giant claw coming out of the ground, Im pretending to be scared. Some random people came up and asked me if I was pretending to be trapped like a mime lol. They said I was to smiley to look scared XD

Anyway it was a very beautiful place to visit. 
Here is their website link if you'd like to know more about them! http://www.cheekwood.org/

"The fifty-five acre site includes the original Cheek gardens, designed by Bryant Fleming, with pools, fountains, statuary, extensive boxwood plantings and breathtaking views of the rolling Tennessee hills. Cheekwood was opened to the public in 1960 and the many specialized gardens have developed since that time.

Visitors will discover a Japanese garden, an herb garden, two perennial gardens, a color garden, water garden, seasons garden and an award-winning wildflower garden. Each garden has a special purpose presenting a particular group of plants or garden style. "

Also please note, these are not real head stones,( unless Sappho was really buried here, but I highly doubt that) no dead people were disturbed by my frolicking. XD

Until Next Time!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hobbit Vest Simplicity 2346

People who know me well know that I am a huge Lord of the Rings dork. XD I was super exited about the Hobbit coming out that I wanted to make costumes for my brother and I. Unfortunately all I was able to make was a Hobbit style vest for my brother.

Too Faced BB Cream Review : Snow Glow

One of my favorite make up brands is Too Faced, I'm just a total sucker for their princessy packaging. I have been wanting to try out their BB cream collection but the Vanilla Glow has always been to dark for me. Luckily, last time at Sephora I picked it up in Snow Glow :D 
Indoor Lighting

In all honesty, it's still a tad bit too dark, but I figure since summer is coming I will probably get a little tanner. ( or maybe not since this BB cream contains a 20 SPF) My favorite thing about this BB cream is the little tiny gold sparkles! This gives your skin a soft luminous look.

The consistency is great and it blends very well. A little bit of product is enough for your whole face. Though, it does not have fantastic coverage like its Asian counterparts. I find that a lot of my scaring and freckles are still present, but diminished. A benefit to this though is that it has a very lightweight feeling.

 Also this bb cream does need to be set with powder, if you want a matte look, and my skin does tend to look a little greasy after a few hours. But, it has not broken me out or irritated my sensitive skin.

Overall, I love it and its my current go to BB cream!

Natural light

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Simplicity 3809 Renaissance Review

This year I decided I wanted to dress up for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival ( more info click here )
I have dressed up before with a borrowed outfit and decided I wanted my own. But Renaissance festival outfits are crazy expensive. I just can't justify spending 300$ on something Im only going to wear it once a year, if that.
Luckily I hoard costume patterns! :D I decided to use Simplicity 3809 from my stash. I have never made a renaissance bodice before so I wanted one that was pretty, but simple.
I made the hand maidens version of the bodice and blouse.

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