Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

 It seems like I haven't blogged in forever...I've been busy/lazy. Anyway I've been meaning to blog about my awesome California trip! I had so much fun. One of things I did was visit the Monterey Aquarium. The drive there was through the mountain and very picturesque and beautiful, reminded me of a french film. It was a little dreary though.

 When we got there it was pouring, and we had to run blocks to actually get to the aquarium, we were soaked. The sea was quite tumultuous and gray, I had never seen it like that before.

 I sort of wish there had been more at the aquarium, especially larger sea animals. Maybe they had them but were off exhibit or we skipped them...hmmm...they did have lots of other cool fish though!
 They also had an exhibit with rescued water fowl, I found that very cool. You could get extremely close to the birds and they weren't scared at all.
Alot of the exhibits were other things you wouldn't expect like sea anemones, sand dollars, ext.
Its Pink!!!!!!
 I also got a new ~fancy~ camera, but didn't figure it out until the jellyfish, so here are a bunch of pretty jellyfish lol.

We ate at lots of cool places, but I only have one food shot. It was a yummy shrimp tempura udon bowl. It was huge! Could have fed 3 people. The noodles were thick and very tasty. Everyone else thought there food was delicious as well.

I also went to a baby shower, I would like to post more pictures, but I haven't asked permission and don't want to put peoples photos on the public Internet. So here is one of me eating the baby shower cake. I am wearing my most favorite sweater! Its very alpine/Nordic, my mama bought it for me from abercrombie :3

Ok bye! I will blog more I promise~***


  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium is my favorite. I use to go there a lot as a kid and haven't gone in so long. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Thanks Im glad you enjoyed them ^_^


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