Monday, August 1, 2011

New AATP Prints Twilight Circus

Alice and the Pirates has been coming out with a lot of fun prints lately. But it seems to me there trying to think a little to outside the box, with the new Twilight Circus. I really dislike it....Of course this is coming from someone who hated Vampire Requiem, and views it as an extremely overrated homage to Tuxedo Mask.
Cannot Unsee Can You?
Anyway enough about that ridiculously scalped print, and onto Twilight Circus

Post traumatic stress Baton twirling incident memories are flooding back aren't they?
The top and the bottom clash to much, it looks to much like separates. I know some people like dichotomy in fashion but this is reading wayyyy to weird shirley temple baton twirler. That and the skirt is really tacky. It looks like depressing, vintage wallpaper. The kind that kept little 1950's children up scared at night.

The accessories, and blouse are just as awful. Especially the top, I hate asymmetrical ties.

Beret meets ugly grandma pillow

So what do you think of Twilight Circus? Am I totally off base and majorettes are going to be the next hot thing?

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