Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Charles Dickens at Downtown Franklin

Marley and Me
 The Historical Society of Downtown Franklin puts on this Charles Dickens inspired festival every year. It is SO much fun! There are vendors selling delicious traditional sweets. Such as sugar plums and old fashion doughnuts, (which were heavenly) There were also reenactors who played characters from classics such as "A Christmas Carol," and "Oliver Twist". I am pictured here with Scrooge's business partner Marley. Even though I was not a hired character people asked me if I was, people asked for my picture and I was in the newspaper. I was so flattered!
Here are some of the real reenacters doing a traditional dance in the square
From nashvilleforfree.com
Here are some outfit shots from that Day:

Later we went to a tea house called Franklin Tea. They sell loose leaf, and cups of tea. They also have teapots and the like. The workers were dressed up and looked very cute. The tea was absolutely delicious, I highly recommend the hot mint green tea.

Later we went to Marcia's Patisserie. I had my first macaron there. The ambiance was nice, and the staff was super friendly, but I felt they were a little pricey for the quality.
Colorful Cakes

Well that's all about my fun day, I'm exited to go again next time!

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