Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Victoriangirldress Petticoat Review

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Victoriangirldress is a Chinese run shop on ebay. Link 

They sell petticoats in a rainbow spectrum of colors. Most of the petticoats are in kid sizes. My guess is they are probably child pageant petticoats. However, they have sizes that would fit adults XL(10-13) and XXL(14-16)

I am a waist 25/26 and I purchased the XXL , in white, which states to have measurements of 23.5-30.5. The waist band has buttons so that you can adjust to your size.

Quality: For the Price, very good, though the material around the waist feels kind of cheap.

Shipping: Blazing fast, I received my petticoat within 4 days of ordering it! 

Packaging: The petticoat was shipped in a silver plastic bag, and wrapped again in a clear plastic bag. 

Shape: There seems to be some confusion on whether this is an A-line, or Cupcake / Bell shaped petticoat. The stock picture makes it look extremely A-line. But, It is in fact cupcake shaped, or perhaps slightly A line. The satin part is a little bit to long, if it was not there it would be even more bell shaped. Please note, the petticoat is a true white, I took these pictures at sunset so they all have a golden hue. 

Here is the petticoat under a bell shaped dress

Here it is under an a line, and compared to the same dress with the Malco Modes 580, which I consider an a line petticoat.

Overall, I don't usually recommend Chinese ebay sellers, but victoriangirldress surprised me with good service, I think they probably have the best starter petticoat out there, without the hassle of taobao. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll answer as best as I can ^_^

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