Friday, October 23, 2015

Waterfalls near Spring Hill TN : Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls

Spent a lovely day with K at Jackson Falls. Its about the closest place to find a waterfall near Spring Hill / Columbia TN. I have been trying to get in touch with nature lately. I think I feel less sad when I spend time outside. Sometimes I get so tired that its hard to spend a very long day outdoors. However, Jackson falls is not hard to get to at all, and is very easy to walk too only about 900ft. I highly suggest stopping there if you are ever driving down the Natchez Trace Parkway. The falls are located at mile marker 404.7. They allow dogs too and there is an overlook trail as well. The falls are two part and you can climb up some rocks to get to the upper fall which is where we took these photographs. K said in the summer sometimes kids will go down the waterfall like a slide. I have no idea how they did that because it seems like it would be dangerous and painful. I took a lot of photos with my instant camera. ^_^ . The whole place reminds me of a fairytale, I would love to go back and take some storybook style pictures. Overall it was a wonderful day and very peaceful. I tried to collect some acorns to commemorate the occasion, I teasingly told K I was going to keep them forever and ever so that I could show them to our great grandchildren, but their tops ended up falling off. "-_-

A Happy Couple
K is an oh-so-serious photographer

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