Sunday, November 21, 2010

Domestic Diva Apron Review

When ever I'm at Joanns I always look at the domestic diva aprons because I think they are pretty. But they were rather expensive, $14.99. But I finally broke down and got one("The Jessie").
A big thing that had been keeping me back from buying them, was that I thought they were really cool because of all the little details and "notions". But I wasn't sure if they were real. (yes I know I'm stupid and couldn't figure this out before hand)I tried checking it in the store, but it would have felt weird for me to open it up there.
On the cover, at least to me, the lace looked pretty real. Well its not unfortunately.
It is very easy to put together. All the pieces are printed onto one piece of fabric and you cut them out. To me the directions were very vague and could be confusing to a beginner. Even with that being said I still think this would be a great first project for someone learning to sew, or to use to teach someone to sew. Because it will more than likely, look good and be functional.

 In the end it looked like this. I added a real button over the fake button because I felt the fake button looked tacky. Personally I think the notions should have been real and not printed, especially for the price. I, mean the bias tape could have been at  least real you know? More seasoned sewers would be inclined to buy it I think if this was the case also. All and all though, everyone loves this apron and wants me to make them one!

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  1. Thanks for posting, I have always wondered about this!


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