Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kalosca Embroidery

Today I wanted to take the time to talk about the beautiful embroidery from the kalosca region of Hungary.
Its quite utterly beautiful, and fascinating. Much of my embroidery fascination lately has come from finding it.
I love all the bright colors!

These kaloscai garments are not as old as people think. It started as blue and black embroidery. But by the 1930's colors were added. The designs became more complex and basically revolved around ornate flower motifs. Then they implemented the aprons which allowed for more embroidery goodness!
This is one of my favorite pictures! I love the over skirts. It is traditional for them to be very pleated, and be over a fluffy petticoat. I wish I would've been dancing there when I was little. My mom just kind of threw overalls at me.
Little girls would wear those lacy ribbon head dresses. They are a bit funny, but still adorable. Notice the similar designs on the wall.
Married women where embroidered bonnets instead of the headband. I'm totally digging the long bows.
Think of all the hours, upon hours it took to do all that!
Here is my most favorite dress, the one with the burgandy underskirt. I think it is a little more balanced than some of the others. Also notice the neat knubby socks, I reallly want some of those. Hopefully some eccentric designer will like them to and make them available to the masses haha.
I'm not sure if these are technical kaloscai gaments, but they are so beautiful I felt they were worth mentioning.
Also check it out! More of those awesome textured socks. I love texture, maybe thats why I love embroidery so much.
Close up of the awesome socks. I may be getting a little obsessed aren't I?

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