Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sterling Reef Hotel / Condominium Review

When I was in Panama City I stayed at the Sterling Reef. for my Labor Day vacation. It was really nice and I had a great deal. The staff were friendly especially the security guard, but the office is only open until 5 p.m. They offer a garage for parking. They offer free dvd rentals from the office and you get 15 percent off certain restaurants too. The room we had was a condo, so the house keepers do not come everyday like in a  hotel. Our room had a beautiful ocean view from the balcony, it reminded me a lot of the Caribbean for there are sugar white sands and the ocean is really blue and clear. the ocean is so clear in fact you can see all these really cool fish. It also is very calm, and warm, perfect for kids. But if you like to surf/boogie board in rough waves I would say you might be a little bored. Sterling Reef also advertises a private beach, but its not that private. There is a little gate that you need to know the code to but any one can easily get around that. There also are all these blue chairs and umbrellas but you have to pay for them. That is unfortunate because they take up most of the Sterling Reef's private beach so you sort of have to buy them. I think that those staying at Sterling Reef should get a deal because it is super expensive.
Balcony View

and the ocean could also be seen from the master bedroom which had a king size bed.
Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was really nice it had a king size bed, sheets were clean. It also had its own TV, roomy closet, and drawers. It also has an adjacent bathroom.

The kitchen was very nice, fridge, oven, microwave, blender, dishes, dishwasher, ext. There also is a washer and dryer in the hallway behind the kitchen. It has its own paper towels dish soap ext. It was also nicely decorated with granite table tops and the like.
Little Bedroom

I stayed in the smaller bedroom, it was smaller but comfortable. It had a TV too, but much smaller than the other two. It also had a closet and drawers.
Little Bathroom

The little bathroom was the same as master bathroom except smaller. This is the only room I have complaints about. Toilet was sort of broken and didn't always want to flush, and the water in the sink didn't get hot. Also, the water in general does not stay hot for long probably because of a small water heater. I did not see any bugs on my stay, which was surprising for Florida, except for one lone silverfish in this bathroom.
Living room

 The living room was roomy with a couch and table. The tv was big and had a dvd player and speakers. I really loved the decorating, and furniture. This was probably one of the nicest places I've ever stayed.

This chair was really cool I want it!!! All in all the stay was fantastic, I would give it 5 stars and if given the opportunity I would definitely stay again.
Everyone had a fantastic time. My time was good, but I got all sun burned and looked like a lobster. :(

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