Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golden Age of Couture Show

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Frist Experience. I got to go in a group with the all famous Gertie of . She is pretty much what all blogger aspire to be, lots of comments, a book deal ext. It was really cool meeting her, I didn't really talk to her at all(she did like my dress though!). While she is pretty on her blog, she is absolutely beautiful in person, she seriously needs to get a new camera her pictures don't do her justice.
People even took pictures of us, the only one I could find I stole from her blog.(sorry Gertie). I always end up getting smooshed into the back of pictures. I'm the tallest blonde girl on the left.
It was a really cool exhibit, it was the only stop in America for the show. We had our own personalized tour, which was nice. The only thing not so nice is a whole girls school trip went and it was super crowded. Also some people leeched onto our tour, that were not supposed to be there. This reallly annoyed me. Now pictures were allowed of the exhibits, but the odd thing is there was no book to buy with the garments. There was a book but not alot of pictures were in it, so I didn't get it.

This was one of the dresses they talked about. Basically the beading was done like this so that across the room the neckline would look scandalously low. They also talked alot about the whole Britain v Paris war. Basically the construction, was meticulous on the British side and they utilized fabric well, but the Parisians could use as much fabric as they wanted so there dresses were prettier.
Here were too contrasting examples from the show:

Though the black dress looks simple, it really isn't. All the pieces of dress when spread out look like a flower. It has just a hint of bling on the shoulders. The cream dress is simple, but months were put in to do all the hand beaded embroidery. A single strip of plain fabric was added to the neckline, to give the eyes a break from all the beadwork. 
The Frist museum itself is also really cool. I've seen other exhibits there before, but never new the history behind the museum. The interior is all art deco(as mandated by the government oddly enough), it would be an awesome place for a 1920's photoshoot!

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