Saturday, October 16, 2010

Antique Photo Maker and Poladroid

In my last post I was looking through my photos and thought it would be cool if they had "vintage feel".  So I looked into some photomaker/enhancers. The first I used was Poladroid, at first I was a little afraid to use it(I never like to download free ware) but it is safe, albeit a little foreign but their misspellings can be funny.
The program is really cute. A little Polaroid camera pops up. Some may not like this, but you do have to wait
for the photos to "Develop". I thought this added to the fun of it, but to those who are impatient it may not like it.To add to the authenticity of the experience, you never know how each photo will come out, Just like a real Polaroid!Sometimes they are light, sometimes dark, green cast, blue cast, brown cast, ext. I like this, but I wish that perhaps you could control which one you would get(but I suppose that would take away from the "fun" of its spontaneity.)
Here's a picture of it on my desktop:
I like this its like a 70's model Polaroid

 Another I really like is the Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator. It makes your photos look "100 years old" Whats nice about this one is that you don't have to download anything.
Why it make my lips so scary big?

I have the snooty look in this one lol

The best thing about these 2 sites is that they are FREE!:D
I really wish I could get a polaroid camera, but since they stopped making the film it is riculously expensive for a pack of 10 100$:( I guess Poladroid is a good alternative, I bet they would make alot of money if they allowed users the options to print them out.

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