Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Clean Your Sewing Room

My sewing room was getting seriously out of hand. A horrible mess. Stuff everywhere I had no room to sew.

Any way I got to work. I wanted it to be clean and organized, I got a new bin for my patterns. As I thought about it I made a list of all the things a sewing room should have to be neat. First put all your stuff that is unaccounted in a big pile, clean out your drawers. There may be something better suited for it. I organize mine as follows.

  • Long table for rotary mat and sewing machine. This is important you never want you sewing table crowded.
  • Big bin for woolen/boucle fabrics
  • Skinny bin for scraps/cottons/linens
  • Little bin for interfacings and linings
  • Big chest. One drawer for jersey/knits, one for sewing/art books, one for my paper art supplies watercolor, sketchbooks ext.
  • Little tiny compartment thing with sections for buttons, zippers, scissors thread ext.
  • Other compartment for art things.
  • Little chest, all for patterns. One drawer for vintage, one for modern. The other drawer is VERY important. I put projects int their that I don't feel like working on. This helps cut down on clutter, and makes sure you don't lose garment pieces or patterns.
  • I keep my ironing board behind the chest, it is quite space effective.


Here is my room all clean. Probably won't stay that way for long XD! Also vacuum when your done, to get all those little loose threads that have been left behind. And refolding pieces of material really helps, even though its a total pain in the but you will find you have way more space than you did before.

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