Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Petit Pointe Embroidery

Lately I went to a delightful antique shop. There were these little purses in a corner with elaborate embroidery. I really wanted one but they were to expensive($70). I researched, and found out that the style is called petit point.
Austria made the style well known, and many of the vintage evening bags are from there. Though the actual style of embroidery originated in Rocco France.
My favorite one that I found was this:
Petit Point Evening Bag

Details of Embroidery
Petit point can have 11 to 22 stitches per centimeter, or up to 484 stitches per square centimeter! And for it to be true petit point it must be hand stitched. It must take forever.
The bags really vary in price, some are super expensive, some around 11$. I've found there a bit cheaper online(ebay) than when in stores. But the nicest bags will have silk thread as opposed to cotton.
Petit point isn't just used on bags, it can also be used to detail other things. I love this vintage Austrian perfume bottle it really is a work of art. Another place petit point is found is on adorable little brush and mirror sets.
Petit Point Perfume Bottle
I thought this was really cool as well, petit point items in a doll house! If I was an elderly woman with money miniatures would so be my hobby! I would move in the house in a minute if it really existed. Just my style.

not as nice as other ones but still cool
I'm thinking that it may come into trend again, if it already hasn't yet.
Another signature of the bags is their beautiful handles.
a little different from the others

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  1. They're soooo pretty! Great post. Perhaps we need to make a visit to the factory whenever I come back? The antique store there may have some... feel like I have seen them before somewhere...


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