Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tazorac Review

Oh Tazorac, how many times have you been prescribed to me?
Seriously, all my dermatologists seem to be obsessed with Tazorac (Tazarotene), even though I tell them it doesn't really work for me. Pretty much, most dermatologists will force the Tazorac on you before they give you the good stuff.
Tazorac is like vitamin A and helps your skin to renew its self faster, which can help with acne, wrinkles, psoriasis ext. But you have to be careful with it because (like accutane) it can cause birth defects in babies. For me it didn't help my skin at all. Yes my skin renewed faster, but it was literally peeling off. My face always looked so flaky and dry. When I think about it, I really have never heard of anyone who Tazorac worked for them....One nice thing about it though is it lasts a long time because its a fairly large tube and you don't need to use a lot.

  • Skin Renews faster
  • Help with Wrinkles
  • Drying
  • Birth defects
  • Burning
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    1. Tazorac-NO!

      Accutane-Yes, yes yes! Bad acne gone forever! 8D

    2. hey I've tried so many things and i still have acne at 23. I tried accutane but i couldn't sleep fromt the burning pain it made my lips hurt like crazy. I'm usng benzac 2.5% but it is pretty useless. I wish I could get rid of my acne but it just gets worse and worse. probably should go back to a derm, but they are so expensive! thanks for posting your experiences. it really helps.



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