Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sirs Fabric Store Review

Ah the infamous Sirs Fabric store. I had seen their sign many times while driving, but it was so far away. (Fayetteville Tennessee) so I had never gone. Well my friend and I had talked about making the drive, to go to this fabric store of so called mythic proportions.
So we braved the long scenic drive and got incredibly lost.

Finally, we got there. It was a strange little town, there isn't much to do. Its set near the town square which was probably grand its time, but is now a lot of empty dilapidated store fronts. Which do have a bit of and antique aesthetic beauty.
Sirs Fabric is basically two buildings. The first one we went to was a large gray building.
Sirs Warehouse #1

It is all home decor fabric, some of which is very, very nice and some a bit outdated. The staff was friendly and asked it they could help us find anything. We didn't stay there long because my friend and I were not looking for home decor fabric. Here are some pictures of first store:
they had faux fur also, 2.99 a yard
Rows, upon rows
Fabric was never on a bolt, always folded or on a roll

Lots of fabric in compartments under tables as well

Across the street there is another(well it sort of looks like to stores spliced together) The inside is much, much bigger than it looks like from the outside.
Sirs store #2

Honestly this store was a bit of a disappointment for me. I had assumed that there were to stores, one for home decor and one for apparel. This is not the case. The second store really only has around 40% apparel fabrics. There was alot of home dec/ drapery fabric. They also had a big bowl of buttons for 5 cents each.

Though priced quite cheaper than Joanns/Hancocks there wasn't really anything exiting.( they did have a room with a TON of home decor hardware) And not a lot of variety. They did seems to have a lot of fabric for formal/pageant gowns that was nice and at good price. All of the fabric in the store was in good condition.

The staff here was also friendly, though when I asked if they carried certain fabrics I was really only met with a blank stare so I would say the technical knowledgeably of some of the staff members is not so good.
Here are some more pictures:
More Home Dec...
Drapery Fabric

In the end I didn't get any fabric despite the drive(though I did get some notions, their notions were a bit cheaper than else where). I would say that this place would definitely be worth the drive for home decor fabric, but not apparel.


  1. I am not too far from there, It DOES look boring!! I was hoping they would have great apparel fabrics! Sorry it stunk! :(

  2. I don't recall getting incredibly lost. I knew where we were I simply forgot to differentiate north from south and was stubbornly ignorant to the GPS's guidance. Great post though! I like my cameo in virtually every photo. They did have free swatches though. It would be a good place to go if you were designing dresses for a whole bridal party or something. We need to find another fabric store to venture out to.

  3. @sewintoit

    oh Emily, I was only saying "incredibly lost" for comedy ;)

  4. Its a good store if your a quilter and you can visit quit often to get bargains...I too have met with the
    blank stares a time or two. Trish


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