Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tennessee Lolita Meetup

Anyway, a few days ago I arranged a meetup for those in the local area who are interested in j-fashion. The community had been inactive for awhile, but we ended up having a nice small group. Here was my outfit:
 Outfit Rundown
  • Purse-Dooney Bourke
  • Shoes- Nia ?
  • Shrug- Living Doll
We all met at World Cup of Tea in Franklin. It was very nice, more modern that retro though. I had an iced green tea, ham sandwhich on oatmeal bread with cranberryspread, and a peanute butter pretzel truffle.
The sandwich was ok, and everything else quite delicious. I loved how the roasted vegetable soup was put in a tea cup, very cute.
After luch we went to downtown Franklin. It was very fun, except for the fact it was like 100 degrees out! I felt sorry for the girls in black and blouses! I wore a little shrug instead of blouse for that reason. We stopped at Bathos and I got a bath bomb(meadowromp smells like honeysuckles mmmm), we also went to Starbucks for more tea and coffee.

Lots of people told us how "adorable" we looked. Especially elderly ladies. No one was mean at all, though a few thought we were from a costume party XD. Some people asked to take our picture and others secretly took them lol.
The grounds were so pretty there, but the only person that wanted her pic taken was Jaque. She was super cute I loved her dress. But this makes me wonder, why am I so good at taking photos of people who aren't me ;(
Another group pic, the sunlight was funny here.
Anyway, then it was back home for more ~camwhoring~ oppurtunities, since I didnt have enough from the meetup up. There's a beautiful crepe myrtle in bloom in my back yard so I took some photos with it.
Be Prepared for Lots of Pictures!


  1. Fabulous! Oh, how I wish I could have been there! Your dress was fabulous and the last section of pictures are gorgeous! Great post!

  2. Do you think that you will have another get together soon...or at some point? haha.  I am in the knoxville area. would be so fun to have an excuse besides a con to really dress up.

  3. Hi Kayla ! We just had a meetup a few days ago, if you have a Facebook look up mid tn Lolita and you will find the group and the dates for meetups. We are all going to cherry blossom festival in match also :)


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