Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loliable Bathing Suits

One can not really don their lolita frills at the beach or the pool. But what's a girl to do when she wants to keep her frilly aesthetic on her sea faring adventures?
1.) Go Retro! There are a lot of great vintage inspired options out there. The one thing that I dont like about the retro bathing suit trend is the high waisted bottoms. They look like granny pannies, and are rather unflattering.
Instead go with something with a bustier top like this from  sea folly , and pair it with a modern bottom. And for those that want a one-piece, this one from shabby apple is adorable with it's lovely pink accent bow.

2.) Make Your Own! Go on Etsy or wherever you source your patterns, and try to snag one of these beauties McCalls 5906 , or Simplicity 1604. The silhouette is very ballerina like, you'll be the only girl on the beach with it!

3.) Stick with Brand. Both Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose have released bathing suits, but they may be difficult to find! Hopefully they will release new versions this season.

*~So what sort of bathing suit have you gotten for this summer? ^_^


  1. I was considering making a similar post for summer! Man if only I could get my hands on a BTSSB bikini!!

  2. I have seen them on Auction but , Im not sure Id want a used bathing suit, XD Anyway I went to your blog and noticed you are part of Lolita Blog Carnival? How do I become part of that :3

  3. I just saw you had a link to the fb page, the times Ive seen the icon on other blogs before and it wasnt link clickable :O

  4. Oh good!! Was just about to link you UvU

  5. Haha yeah not sure I'd want a used one either...

  6. Great post! I've actually been considering adding swimsuits to my line. Maybe next summer! :D



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