Sunday, May 26, 2013

Too Faced BB Cream Review : Snow Glow

One of my favorite make up brands is Too Faced, I'm just a total sucker for their princessy packaging. I have been wanting to try out their BB cream collection but the Vanilla Glow has always been to dark for me. Luckily, last time at Sephora I picked it up in Snow Glow :D 
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In all honesty, it's still a tad bit too dark, but I figure since summer is coming I will probably get a little tanner. ( or maybe not since this BB cream contains a 20 SPF) My favorite thing about this BB cream is the little tiny gold sparkles! This gives your skin a soft luminous look.

The consistency is great and it blends very well. A little bit of product is enough for your whole face. Though, it does not have fantastic coverage like its Asian counterparts. I find that a lot of my scaring and freckles are still present, but diminished. A benefit to this though is that it has a very lightweight feeling.

 Also this bb cream does need to be set with powder, if you want a matte look, and my skin does tend to look a little greasy after a few hours. But, it has not broken me out or irritated my sensitive skin.

Overall, I love it and its my current go to BB cream!

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  1. you should try the clique one it was the best north american one I've tried. I find most north american ones 1. lack coverage 2. are greasy 3. feel horrible on your face, it's not necessarily thick on your skin but it just feels like a mask on your face or something. I have acne prone super sensitive skin (So bad i cannot use 95% of the cleansers out there) and very pale. The lightest of clique's bb creams matches great and doesn't give that greasy feel or look, covers all red spots and acne, feels light and has all the usual benefits of a bb cream. I will say if you are willing to pay the shipping there are a ton of japanese/korean brand ones that are amazing too. ^_^ (i could give endless recommendations from asia dpeending on what your looking for)

  2. I agree as far as BB creams go I like the ones from Asia the best. I have always been afraid to use clinique products as I have had reactions to their skin care stuff :O Maybe I will try it at the department store next time Im there though, if Im brave enough XD

  3. also do you know of any other bb creams that have a slight shimmer to them? Too faced has been the only one Ive been able to find...

  4. lioele (korean brand) has one called dollish that has a nice shimmer to it but it's not super huge(if you get it go for the purple over the green it's light in tone). They also have one called shimmering base, it has no coverage though but plenty of shimmer so if you mixed it with a bb cream i think it would be nice. I know Skin79 also has one too i forget the name. Fairy drops has a really good shimmer one but it's super expensive and hard to get a hold of unless you're in japan. Though sephora carries their mascara so i have my fingers crossed with BB cream being the new trend that they will carry it soon.

    I find you have to be careful with the korean ones because some tend to be too grey or too yellow haha if you're search for korean brand make up this shop is usually the best : it used to be in vancouver (Where i live) but they moved back to korea. prices are very reasonable and they carry a ton of samples so you can try things out first ^_^(link to sample: i know the pain of having sensitive skin. In terms of brand lioele, and etude are my favourites from korea , though skin food has worked nicely too. (i do not recommend the normal lioele bb cream though too thick and dark for pale skin) Japanese brans fairy drop is nice and i have another brand but i forget what it's called >< packaging is so nice but the label rubbed off so i cannot tell you until i buy another haha

    if you are looking for shimmer in north america makeup forever has an HD powder you could put over bb cream (instead of normal powder) and it gets rid of greasy but gives you a shimmer; if you E.L.F has one too but dont buy anything from them that doesn't have 4star rating or higher. Also they have constant sales; i'd watch the site for a week or 2 and wait until they have the 50% off sale again because it happens all the time haha.

    sorry if this is too long >< i keep meaning to make my own blog about make up, lolita and such but i am super lazy after work.

  5. Wow thanks! I've been wanting to try fairy drops brand, so its funny you mention it. You should totally make a blog though you are totally knowledgeable, I'll be your first follower if you do ^ ^


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