Monday, May 27, 2013

I Will Dance on Your Grave!

So I was looking through some old pictures on my phone and found these photos from last year from an outing . We went to the Cheek Wood botanical gardens which is a really cool place if you ever go to Tennessee. I never posted them to daily lolita over all the rules they broke, but I think they are perfect for this weeks theme on EGL.

Here is my friend, she's a proper and good lolita, she was not even mad at the two gentlemen photo bombing her.
See how good she is? She just air pets the statues so her hands dont get dirty, thats how good she is.

I am very bad! No petticoat D: no Blouse D: no hair done D:

Cheek Wood also has really cool, modern art statues. I thought this one looked like a giant claw coming out of the ground, Im pretending to be scared. Some random people came up and asked me if I was pretending to be trapped like a mime lol. They said I was to smiley to look scared XD

Anyway it was a very beautiful place to visit. 
Here is their website link if you'd like to know more about them!

"The fifty-five acre site includes the original Cheek gardens, designed by Bryant Fleming, with pools, fountains, statuary, extensive boxwood plantings and breathtaking views of the rolling Tennessee hills. Cheekwood was opened to the public in 1960 and the many specialized gardens have developed since that time.

Visitors will discover a Japanese garden, an herb garden, two perennial gardens, a color garden, water garden, seasons garden and an award-winning wildflower garden. Each garden has a special purpose presenting a particular group of plants or garden style. "

Also please note, these are not real head stones,( unless Sappho was really buried here, but I highly doubt that) no dead people were disturbed by my frolicking. XD

Until Next Time!

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