Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ok, since the Atralin wasn't working so well I got to try a whole new product called Aczone (dapsone gel 5.%), joy.

 Basically it is a sketchy anti-infecitve topical cream with the weirdest advertising ever. There website is geared to a "young" audience to the point of being laughable.

WTF?!OMG High school musical is so last year!
(this is totally for real by the way)

And it is tiny, ity bitty, probably because they spent so much on their cheesy advertising they had to skimp on the product. There website used to be really weird, with colors and "coolness" but they have since made it more serious. Anyway it is by far the worst acne product I have ever used. My skin broke out at first, I waited thinking that perhaps all the bacteria was coming out of my skin but no it never healed up. Worse than that it turned my face to an oil slick I was super greasy all the time, powder, blotting did nothing. My skin is so broken out now that I have to go on Accutane again. So in short I hate this product.
Oh and look the FDA has warned them about the misrepresentaton of there product!
It is very expensive and there are no generics as of yet. Even with the voucher it will probably put you back 60 bucks.
  • It makes your skin greasy
  • doesn't work like they say
  • the brand is full of LIES
  • weird advertising
  • If you use it with benzoyl perioxide your skin will get orange/yellow
  • super expensive
  • It is gritty when you put it on.
  • Passes into breast milk, could potentially be harmful
Oh and the scariest part of it all (taken straight from their website)
"ACZONE® Gel is dapsone with Solvent Micro Particulate (SMP™) technology. It's used exclusively in ACZONE® Gel. How ACZONE® Gel works is unclear..."
did you see that?
The people that made it dont know how it works, does it even work at all? No, I say SCAM written all over it. Also in the old "cool website" , which has since been taken down, said something on the lines of Aczone is has this ultra cool micro particle technology which is to complicated to explain here. So in short Aczone says we have no idea how this works teens you don't have the  intelligince to comprehend it so look over here at this "viral video".
Link to more info 

The End -_-


  1. Hello Heidi - I have used Aczone since April 2011, and I must say that it has cleared my acne, particularly acne that manifest on my checks and neck. Thus, if I stop taking the product the acne shows up in those especially during a "certain" time of the month. I do agree with you in terms of the product being TOO expensive, grainy, and greasy. ALSO, since taking the product along w/ doxycycline I have experienced bodily ( not facial) itching. However, this symptom may come from a different source... I am getting older ... =) In any case, I plan to revisit my dermatologist. I do wonder about the product's long-term affects.... Many Thanks!!

  2.  Thank you for sharing your experience! I am happy that it has worked for you. I think my review may been to harsh because I had such a bad time with it....

  3. After 20 years of hormonal acne, this product combined with Tazorac, has made my skin pimple free. I did Accutane but that only lasted for 2 years.  I am 42 years old. The emollient texture has made me able to tolerate the Tazorac with no redness or peeling.  I am not sure why they are targeting teens... I think it's good for more mature women who continue to struggle with hormonal acne.

  4. Aczone works for me. I have tried everything...and i mean everything including being on accutane TWICE!!!! I am almost 43 years old and everytime i see a pimple i put a little on the spot and it works wonders. I am not sure why you are experiencing different effects. I also took in the past a antibiotic that also worked wonderfully for me called... minocycline er 90mg.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'm not sure I want to use this product because of the active ingredient, dapsone, and also the solvent diethylene glycol monoethyl ether. It seems like one must take a secondary medicine for their acne to clear up. I'm not sure it's worth the risk.


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