Friday, August 27, 2010

Differin Review

Well because my medicine hasn't been working I decided to see if my brothers differin (adapalene)would work for me since it worked wonders for him. His acne wasn't very severe though only on his nose. His was the kind with the green band.
The dermatologist prescribed it to him because she said my Atralin would be to strong for him(it is a retinoid also)Well I have begun to think my dermatologist is a quack  that only wants my money or that she isn't very bright, I know med schools hard but she talks like a bobble head valley girl, perhaps all of her botox has gone to her brain? More than likely she is a greedy miser under the cover of being stupid. Well that Differin is really strong, it really dried me out! Way more that the Atralin did. The only bummer is that it worked good for a little while but then kinda staved off and my breakouts came back again. All and all I think this is a good product though, especially for young middle school age children. Oh and you have to remember not to get it in the creases of your nose.
  • Effective for mild acne
  • worked fast
  • Drying
  • Doesn't always work for ever
  • Also in some cases it can give you some stomach problems, this happened to me oddly enough.

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  1. Maybe you should try a different dermatologist or maybe try a very good naturopath, seems like all these products work well for some people but not for you!


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