Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Forecasting

One of my few talents is that I have a knack for fashion forecasting. I predicted Rompers, and Highwaisted jeans as fads and do you know what the next one is going to be? Lederhose/suspender style skirts like the girl on the bottom left.
Im sensing embroidery too.  That and I REALLY want this pattern, it's just to cute for words. It doesn't look very complicated maybe I'll make one myself from scratch. ^_^ Oh and I'm SUUPPEERR exited about sunday, I get to go to the Frist Golden Age of Couture exhibit. Apparently it's only going to be in Nashville, no well else in the country to lots of people are coming. One person in particular is Gertie, a famous sewing blogger, my friend emailed her cause they're getting a group together and I get to tag along!!! So Happyy!
Heres a link to the exhibit
and if you dig around theres a free vintage dress pattern!
Oh wait you don't have to! Here it is!
This is the dress

I think might make it....

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