Thursday, August 26, 2010

Atralin Review

Ok so I've been on every anti-acne drug in the book (even accutane). But I still have breakouts, and recently they have been getting worse. So before getting on accutane again they give me this stuff called Atralin (tretinoin gel 0.05) which is basically a retinoid like a lot of other creams, which are perscribed commonly.
I haven't seen Atralin around alot, and there are hardley any reviews on it. At first it worked ok, but only on my blackheads, actually alot on my blackheads but not anywhere else on my skin. It wasn't very drying either and many retinoids can be super drying. But, overall it didn't do alot. I don't recomend it as it can be VERY expensive and most insurance plans don't cover it(says my pharmicist at least) and it doesn't do much, perhaps just get it if your only problem is blackheads on your nose. It sort of is a yellowcolor.

  • Not drying.
  • Helps clear blackheads
  • works faster than other retinoids
  • Super Expensive
  • Not great results
  • not covered by all insurance
  • You can get a wicked sunburn
Overall bleh...
Also they do not know if it is harmful to babies or not so be careful if you are pregnant/nursing.
Heres more pharmological info-

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